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dame / дама, госпожа, женщина
имя существительное
lady, queen, dame, gentlewoman, donna
mistress, lady, madam, Frau, madame, dame
woman, female, she, wife, old woman, dame
имя существительное
(in the UK) the title given to a woman equivalent to the rank of knight.
The Knights and Dames of the New Zealand Order of Merit took a British tradition, and gave it a distinctly New Zealand flavour.
a woman.
There's must be a wealthy society dame (preferably played by Margaret Dumont) who is entirely smitten with Groucho, though he walks all over her.
So you and this Duckworth dame and A. are first cousins and L.B. is my second cousin?
This no-nonsense downtown dame had been working as a lingerie model when she was abruptly called to star in the lead role of a quality film production.
Mae is a serious role, but Lombard's smart-alecky tough dame isn't far from the screwball heroines for which she's best remembered.
‘The first week it was more of ‘let us check this dame out with her new outfit and everything’.
The classy and manipulative Kitty is now a gold digging dame with a thrill for danger and dangerous men.
My quest: what has this dame got that I haven't got?
She's a very reserved and classy dame with impeccable taste in food.
Roxie's never going to be a towering intellect, but she's one fun dame .
She was no wisecracking dame like Rosalind Russell or goofy, well-meaning wife like Irene Dunne.
a rich dame who took her husband to the cleaners