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damask / дамаст, булат, камка
имя существительное
damask, damask steel
имя прилагательное
scarlet, red, damask, incarnadine, vermilion, carnation
украшать насечкой из золота
damask, damascene
blue, brown, damascene, burnish, damask
ткать с узорами
имя прилагательное
made of or resembling damask.
the satinlike finish of these damask napkins
имя существительное
a figured woven fabric with a pattern visible on both sides, typically used for table linen and upholstery.
She described a line of furniture that included rich, ornately carved mahogany pieces and very crisp, tailored upholstery in silk and damask .
decorate with or as if with a variegated pattern.
Up, black, striped and damasked like the chasuble
Her silk damask off-the-shoulder dress possibly suggests a later eighteenth-century date.
The gown in Plate XIV is of worsted brocaded damask that was pressed after weaving to polish the surface.
In 2003, the room's unauthentic 1970s silk was replaced with accurate copies, by Richard Humphries, of the blue silk and-wool damask wall coverings of about 1765.
Beginners may want to try neutral tones of beige and grey or different values of color in the same family for a tone on tone damask effect.
For the most part, kids want something cool that their friends feel comfortable hanging out in and a silk damask couch is not it.
On this rug are four elaborately carved wooden chairs upholstered with luxuriously patterned damask .
It was sad waste of time, indeed, to be sketching and staring about, when the cold chickens were still unpacked, and the damask napkins undistributed.
Margaret wore a gown trimmed in crimson and the Countess of Surrey bore her train, while James was magnificent in white damask with crimson satin sleeves.
Dusty pink flowered silk damask was twisted into an evening gown slashed at the sides to reveal little lozenges of flesh.
Of a similar date but prettier is a pair of Chinese-yellow damask shoes together with a matching robe altered to form a dressing gown.