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damaging / повредить, повреждать, портить
damage, hurt, injure, mar, bruise, nip
damage, impair, cripple, trouble, blast, flaw
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, ruin, mar, damage
имя прилагательное
causing physical damage.
new cars are less damaging to the environment
inflict physical harm on (something) so as to impair its value, usefulness, or normal function.
the car was badly damaged in the accident
Banning things which are damaging to health has logical conclusions, which extend far beyond smoking.
Over recent years the loss of Government jobs in Lismore has had a damaging effect on our economy.
A long list of damaging agents or conditions is known to activate the synthesis of heat-shock proteins.
A second tainted election, followed by more bare-knuckled partisan conflict, Mr. Christopher said, would be far more damaging .
The sun can heat the edges of pots potentially damaging the roots.
Ironically, CS spray, ostensibly introduced with the intention of protecting officers, may be damaging to health.
Therefore we need to clear away the damaging public view of the party.
Efforts to rein in supposedly damaging speculation have run the gamut from requiring futures exchanges to raise margins to an outright ban on trading.
The next two years could see an enormously damaging swathe cut through the rich fabric of rural Wales.
A more damaging effect followed the 1992 general election.