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dam / плотина, дамба, запруда
имя существительное
dam, weir, dike, barrage, dyke, lock
dam, causeway, dike, dyke, levee, seawall
dam, pond, weir, dike, bay, dyke
dam, stem, jam, bank, choke up, wear
запруживать воду
dam, dam up, impound
имя существительное
a barrier constructed to hold back water and raise its level, the resulting reservoir being used in the generation of electricity or as a water supply.
The dam raised the water level by 54 feet and created a three-mile-long reservoir holding around 9,000 million gallons.
the female parent of an animal, especially a domestic mammal.
However, the present study indicates Longhorns have a significant advantage in calving ease over Red Poll sires for dams calving at 2 yr of age.
build a dam across (a river or lake).
Lake Nasser was formed by damming the River Nile.
Emergency crews and dive teams are standing by, and authorities say that water levels behind the dam are dropping.
We're hearing lots of discussion about plans to dam the inland rivers, to dam the Cooper Creek, for example.
the dam burst after torrential rain
A lake at Oakford Park, a pleasure resort near Pittsburgh, was flooded by a violent rainstorm and burst the dam , causing a wall of water to sweep down Bush Creek valley.
By enclosing poetic invention - that, like witchcraft, might transform heroes into swine - James attempted to dam Scottish culture.
The town went into a steep decline after the construction of a dam left the beach waters cold enough for trout, but too cold for summer visitors.
A plan was announced to dam the Whanganui River, an action that would submerge several cemeteries and sacred sites.
Not only did the ridge dam the flow of freshwater from the north; it also put an end to trade along the Puran River.
The guards had fallen back farther than he had hoped they would, and his rush from the chapel hadn't gotten here in time to dam the enemy up further back.
It was reasoned that the completed dam would undeniably supply electricity and therefore be of economic benefit in the broadest sense.