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dally / прохлаждаться, развлекаться, болтаться без дела
have a good time, recreate, sport, dally, disport, disport oneself
болтаться без дела
dally, hang about, goof, fool about, stooge about, stooge around
act or move slowly.
workers were loafing, dallying, or goofing off
have a casual romantic or sexual liaison with someone.
he should stop dallying with movie stars
There we would dally through the long night hours until the tinny clock sounded Reveille.
She won't have much time to dally on the Prom this week, though.
But if McLeish was the type of person to dally on instances of coincidence and place his faith in fate, he need only look at last term.
It's a very small-scale event, so please don't dither, dally or delay.
The list of things he has promised is a good list, but there is no time to dally , whether by land, sea or air.
In their cozy little arrangement, he gets the freedom to dally now and then, so long as he keeps to the couple?
Simon will take his place in the back-row, while fly-half Jones can expect to feel the force of his club-mate should he dally on the ball for too long.
Not one to dally about, Sally quickly gathered up her cast and got them safely out of the building.
Just wear enough if it's chilly and don't dally afterwards!
Sligo players, anxious not to dally , sought to move the ball on with the minimum of fuss.