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dalliance / флирт, развлечение, праздное времяпрепровождение
имя существительное
flirtation, dalliance, footsie, beguin
entertainment, amusement, game, distraction, diversion, dalliance
праздное времяпрепровождение
dalliance, lounge
имя существительное
a casual romantic or sexual relationship.
Most of the film flips back and forth between Vera and Fred and their respective sexual and financial dalliances .
Last year, we had a brief dalliance with the return of chintz, with some retailers featuring it heavily.
His latest disc, Square, is his first dalliance with a major label, but it offers no ready singles.
‘So much celebrity profiling takes the position that they were heterosexual with, maybe, some same-sex dalliance on the side,’ says Mann.
As for ambition, following a brief dalliance with politics (in 1996, he stood as a candidate for mayor of Bucharest), all his hopes are for those close to him.
Over the next few days, the princess pointedly ignored Ramirez, choosing to spend time with Kamiko instead in romantic dalliance .
If you love someone and they love you, why do something as silly as a one-time sexual dalliance if it would ruin a good thing?
Berkeley was my last dalliance with the education system
That answer focused on the personalities of the two extant sexual partners as being merely unstable, unsuitable for sexual dalliance .
Can Dr Ken save the day, or will his occasional sexual dalliance become the next victim of The Psycho Lover?
He won a first-class degree in natural sciences in 1868 and, after a four-year dalliance with a career in medicine, was chosen for the Challenger expedition.