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dale / дол, долина
имя существительное
dale, vale
valley, lowland, vale, dale, glen, bottom
имя существительное
a valley, especially a broad one.
For hundreds of years they have worked the dales , the vales, the moors and rest of Yorkshire's countryside and moulded it into the scenery we admire so much today.
Starting in Alstonefield, we descended into Wolfscote Dale, following the river along the entire length of the dale until we reached Shining Tor.
Their victory is visible in the houses and crofts that still spread across the hills of the glen and the dale .
‘I have been advised that if this does not happen this year, then it will never happen and that would be very sad indeed for the people of the upper dale ,’ he said.
During my daughter's recent break in the dales we decided to walk from Langcliffe to Malham and back, walking around Langcliffe Scar.
‘If we had say four inches of snow up in the dales , followed by a thaw and heavy rainfall, that would put our defences to a severe test,’ admits John.
Walkers are unlikely to be able to roam freely across the moors and dales of North Yorkshire this summer, farmers' leader Ben Gill warned today.
Sedbergh looked beautiful the sun was shining on the hills and dales so I can't see that the series will do us anything but good.
From sandy beaches to lofty mountain tops, rolling dales to bustling cities, we've got the lot.
Great friendship has extended to me whenever I come up into the dales .
Helen Mark's out and about in the hills and dales of Derbyshire, a county with a landscape that's literally as pretty as a picture.