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dairyman / дояр, работник молочной фермы, владелец молочной фермы
имя существительное
milker, dairyman
работник молочной фермы
владелец молочной фермы
имя существительное
a man who is employed in a dairy or sells dairy products.
Of those fifteen per cent who did have some experience many had only worked as farm labourers, gardeners, station hands, dairymen or bushmen.
If this seems an extreme idea, president of United dairy Farmers of Victoria, and a dairyman himself, Max Fehring will assure you that it is not.
William Siebenborn, a Missouri dairyman and UDIA chairman, said forging a single dairy marketing plan and vision will help boost worldwide demand for U.S. dairy products.
Dutch dairyman Ronald Akkerman has set out his plans for operating a new cheese plant near Workington.
Third generation Fresno dairyman Mark McAfee has designed a ‘pro-cow’ environment that leads to pathogen-free raw milk.
He milks 100 cows and has been a dairyman for 32 years.
My grandfather was a longtime dairyman who delivered milk to area businesses and the local college.
These traditions have always been a comfort for Tevye, the local dairyman .
But the dairy industry, has become more flexible and proactive, as the marketing gains of the past year show, said Rovey, an Arizona dairyman .
The Ohio dairyman was cited as one of the state's ‘greatest drivers, leaders and promoters in today's dairy industry.’
Her husband, David, who is the society's publicity officer, is a dairyman who also has a small-holding.