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dairying / производство молочных продуктов, молочное хозяйство
имя существительное
производство молочных продуктов
молочное хозяйство
dairying, dairy farm
имя существительное
the business of producing, storing, and distributing milk and its products.
There is no greater commitment in agriculture than dairying , and brothers Ken and Alan Placke were staring that commitment in the eye.
Farmers and others were welcomed to an information session last month in Stuarts Draft on organic dairying production and marketing.
There are also displays about shearing, dairying and the role of women in agriculture.
The mid-South region has seen major crop shifts occur as tobacco production has decreased and dairying has diminished.
he has a qualification in dairying
But he had grown tired of the seven-day-a-week pressure of dairying and was looking for a change.
But unlike many, Qual and his brothers have children who are intent are carrying on the family dairying tradition.
There have also been new entrants to agriculture, changes in farming partnerships and some farmers have left dairying to begin livestock production.
Danish immigrants contributed to American agriculture, particularly dairying , in a variety of ways.
These producers will likely be forced out of dairying within the next 20 years.
Could pasture-based dairying be profitable for you?