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dainty / лакомство, деликатес
имя существительное
delicacy, dainty, kickshaw, knick-knack
delicacy, dainty, delicate, frill, regale
имя прилагательное
elegant, graceful, fine, delicate, neat, dainty
refined, exquisite, elegant, delicate, distinguished, dainty
tasty, dainty, lickerish, liquorish
имя прилагательное
delicately small and pretty.
a dainty lace handkerchief
fastidious or difficult to please, typically concerning food.
a dainty appetite
имя существительное
something good to eat; a delicacy.
Still lifes usually show beautiful vessels filled with wine and appetizing fruit or other dainties invitingly arranged on lovely china.
Beside St. Mary's there is a short row of small, dainty cottages, administered by the Church, for the use of its employees and other deserving families.
Between bites of dainty sandwiches made with just-baked Yarrows bread, Noel says he dreamed of going to university in England.
I sipped pink punch, ate dainty sugar cakes with strawberries on top, and stayed at Tom's side every moment.
The costumes feature authentic Victorian designs, with men in traditional blue and white sailor suites and ladies adorned with bustles, dainty hats and glittering evening gowns.
Her dainty feet padded across the floor and made no sound.
Katrina held up a light blue diamond flower, which hung delicately from a dainty chain.
My mother-in-law's sandwiches are the dainty cut-off-crusts variety - so thin and delicate that my family barely recognises them as sandwiches.
She is dainty and makes people feel protective of her.
But their beautifying objects are usually hidden inside dainty purses or roomy bags and the article in question usually comes in milder colours.
The dainty ladies and gentlemen who first began to use soap were the harbingers of the big-scale production of soap for the common man.