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dagger / кинжал, крестик
имя существительное
dagger, dirk, poniard, bodkin, misericord, snickersnee
cross, dagger, X, obelisk, obelus, cross-stitch
пронзать кинжалом
отмечать крестиком
dagger, obelize, obelus
имя существительное
a moth with a dark dagger-shaped marking on the forewing.
He clutched his throat as she reached into her belt and took out a silver dagger and a small glass bottle.
Marrissa staggered down the dark empty hallway, clutching a dagger in her left hand and her journal in the other.
He had a rifle slung over his right shoulder and a short sword or long dagger at his left hip.
It's one of those stores that sells every kind of knife, dagger , and sword you can imagine.
Confusingly, the word obelus was later used for the printer's character we often call a dagger , another symbol with a point.
A dagger above an indel symbol shows that the indel is not shared among the sequences at a given locus.
he drew his dagger and stabbed the leader
Captain Irving had threatened to hurt her, but not with a sword, or a dagger , or a pistol.
She knew it was useless to use arrows so she pulled out a dagger and a small sword as she charged to the battle.
They were also both carrying the same weapon, a small dagger .