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daffy / свихнувшийся, чокнутый, глупый
имя прилагательное
daffy, kook, nuts, daft
nuts, crazy, loony, bonkers, mad, daffy
stupid, silly, foolish, fool, dumb, daffy
имя существительное
бледно-желтый нарцис
daffodil, daffodilly, daffy
имя прилагательное
silly; mildly eccentric.
daffy anecdotes
He does, however, occasionally smirk, though he seems to be morphing that mannerism into a daffy eye-rolling gesture reminiscent of Jack Benny.
This account of seemingly genuine claimants, reckless pretenders, daffy charlatans and patently mad pretenders to the French crown is the stuff of high farce.
Mozart's late dramma serio per musica ‘La clemza di Tito’ is supposed to be both funny and slightly daffy - and this was no exception.
Equally impressive is Marjorie Holder as the effusive, slightly daffy Cecily.
When the film strips down to basics and actually concentrates on its main characters rather than these daffy asides, it's pretty good.
She is an actress who has parlayed her adequate talent and impressive energy into a career playing slightly vulnerable, slightly daffy roles.
With her timing and verve, especially in her daffy musical numbers, she has consistently outshone Sarah Michelle Gellar.
My own decision two years ago to leave Fleet Street was considered a daffy girl's midlife crisis.
Gemma Jones says she enjoyed working on Bootleg ‘enormously’ describing Mrs Bubby as ‘a slightly daffy character’ and very different from her usual role.
Brown said when Maynard first mentioned 10 years ago his plan to fly a model plane across the Atlantic, ‘I have to admit that at first I thought he was daffy .’