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daddy / папа, папочка
имя существительное
dad, daddy, pope, papa, pa, da
daddy, dad, pappy, da, pa, document case
имя существительное
one's father.
I never thought I was a daddy 's girl, that I put my father on a pedestal, but it seems I have.
But when it comes to sales strengths, Glasgow is the daddy of them all.
In the modern era of full-face crash hats Senna's helmet was the daddy of them all.
I heard her tell Rosie that she didn't think daddy loved us anymore.
They're named after the daddy of them all, David Coleman, an English sports presenter.
Maybe they never had a mommy and a daddy who loved them, and maybe they never had opportunities.
The daddy of food presentation is probably top chef Richard Neat.
He was accustomed to his daddy travelling overseas once a month and their reunions were delicious.
The cardoon is surely the daddy of all seed heads.
He is not yet a household name, but the daddy of the Russian oligarchy can still turn heads.
He loves his tucker, just like his daddy , so not eating means something is definitely wrong.