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dad / папа, папочка
имя существительное
dad, daddy, pope, papa, pa, da
daddy, dad, pappy, da, pa, document case
имя существительное
one's father.
his dad was with him
My real dad taught me how to draw when I was 4 years old.
I remember my dad told me the story of my great great grandfather.
Six months after his birth his dad left home, leaving his mother and all five children.
his dad was with him
his dad was with him
My own dad walked out the day before my little brother was born in 1982.
He has been a doting dad and has been very confident with Jack from day one.
I grew up in a big Irish family and my dad was a really bad gambler so we didn't have much money.
Is it true your dad moved the family home just so you could be near a golf course?
Like so many modern dads , Sinise insists fatherhood far outweighs any of his career concerns.