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dacha / дача
имя существительное
dacha, country house, summer cottage, chalet, bower, feed
имя существительное
a country house or cottage in Russia, typically used as a second or vacation home.
A man may boast of his home as his castle, but Russians are increasingly turning to building country homes and dachas that are plain, economical and rather small.
He had a dacha in the writer's colony Peredelkino, a driver for his car, and a maid.
Almost everyone I know in Europe - among the professional and business class - has some small second home in the country somewhere - a dacha usually belonging to the family for generations.
The protestors have laid siege to his dacha and to the presidential palace in the city.
He was in relaxed mood when they met at his dacha , a walled complex in a birch forest 25 miles west of Moscow.
Rich or poor, every Russian owns, or wants to own, a dacha , or cottage, usually in the woods, in which he or she can get away from it all.
He enjoyed the company of some of his young male students whom he would invite to his country dacha at the weekend for a spot of vigorous log-cutting with an enormous two-handled saw.
The scene of Yuri writing his poems in an ice-encrusted dacha with wolves and winds howling outside seems to sum up this land.
For those who do not have recourse to a dacha in the relatively cooler sylvan pockets of the Moscow region, options for cooling off may seem few and far between.
But for now at least, it does not look like many of Russia's elite will forgo a weekend at the dacha for a camping trip.
Vladimir smiled, and then he and the rest of our group headed up the walk towards the dacha .