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dabble / плескаться, брызгаться, барахтаться
splash, splatter, dabble, plash, swash, paddle
splash, dabble
flounder, wallow, dabble, puddle, welter, puddle about
immerse (one's hands or feet) partially in water and move them around gently.
they dabbled their feet in the rock pools
take part in an activity in a casual or superficial way.
he dabbled in writing as a young man
Clair and Misha dabble their feet in the swimming pool, pondering last night's debate.
Black Ducks dabble for food, tipping their bodies up and dunking their heads to forage under water.
teal dabble in the shallows
Like other diving ducks they forage under water, although in addition to diving they also walk along the bottom or dabble .
In fact, the next album looks set to dabble a lot more in politics.
teal dabble in the shallows
When I decided to sell I thought I'd end up with two or three non-executive directorships, dabble a bit in the stock market, play some golf.
Spanish gentlemen were also dabbling in the arts for the sake of their health.
Garfield dabbled in politics for three years as a lobbyist for the auto industry.
I dabbled a little bit with smoking when I was at school, but quickly gave it up because I did not like it.