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dab / прикосновение, лиманда, ершоватка
имя существительное
touch, dab, tip, contiguity, tig
poke, dab, prod, jab, thrust, shove
spread, plaster, dab, anoint
hit, smite, strike, bump, knock, dab
имя существительное
a small amount of something.
she licked a dab of chocolate from her finger
a small, commercially important flatfish that is found chiefly in the North Atlantic.
Even though this rig is especially good for gurnards, it also proves superbly successful for dabs , plaice, megrim, even small turbot and brill, also haddock, cod and whiting.
press against (something) lightly with a piece of absorbent material in order to clean or dry it.
he dabbed his mouth with his napkin
aim at or strike with a light blow.
digital audio broadcasting.
You are, perhaps, more likely to dab on some moisturising cream that you know and trust rather than some unknown concoction in a vanilla coloured jar.
He could see her beautiful dark brown hair, her glossy green eyes that seemed to know everything, and her face that looked so close to perfection without a dab of makeup.
she licked a dab of chocolate from her finger
Well, I don't use make up daily, just kohl to line my eyes, and a dab of lipstick.
With every stroke and dab and curve of the brush she was losing a little bit of herself.
Not only does a dab of toner refresh the skin, it helps to remove any cleanser that hasn't been properly removed.
For a mottled effect try painting your pot in a plain color then use a small sea sponge to dab on a contrasting color after the base color has dried.
Alexeivich used a paper napkin to dab at the perspiration rolling off his nose as he spoke, but he doggedly refused to remove his jacket or loosen his tie.
Place a dab of chervil pesto on each plate and serve.
Leave the layer of dead skin intact and dab antibiotic ointment on it.