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cypress / кипарис
имя существительное
имя существительное
an evergreen coniferous tree with small, rounded, woody cones and flattened shoots bearing small, scalelike leaves.
The cypress , as an evergreen, represents longevity and endurance.
имя существительное
a city in south central California, southeast of Los Angeles; population 47,123 (est. 2008).
Open marsh Sandweed grows extensively beneath bald cypress, pond cypress , swamp bay, swamp tupelo, and other trees.
The stony soil below was covered by dense forests of live oak, Douglas fir, aspen, maple, ponderosa pine, madrone, Arizona cypress , and juniper.
Laurel and lemon, olive and oak, cypress and palm trees make unlikely neighbors in the region's mild, dry climate.
Many have abundant gardens, with brilliant red poppies, orange marigolds, blue flax, pink clematis and jacaranda, and large cypress and eucalyptus trees.
The scheme has a Mediterranean feel, with cypress , olive and palm trees, lavender borders, sunken gardens and with natural stone walls.
The eerie squeal of a wood duck came from somewhere behind the gray tangle of naked oaks, willows cypress , elm, tupelo and cottonwood.
This conifer, like the bald cypress and pond cypress of the southeastern United States, is deciduous, losing all of its short, soft needles in the autumn.
The lodge is built from cypress pine, a standard building material in the mallee country, due largely to its resistance to white ants.
The high mountains support typical evergreen forests of firs and cypress , whilst on the lower slopes are to be found such trees as pines, chestnuts, and cork oak.
The cypress , as an evergreen, represents longevity and endurance.