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cynosure / путеводная звезда, Полярная звезда, центр внимания
имя существительное
путеводная звезда
lodestar, pole star, cynosure, loadstar
Полярная звезда
Polaris, pole star, cynosure, lodestar, loadstar
центр внимания
center of attention, spotlight, limelight, center of attraction, hub, cynosure
имя существительное
a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration.
the Queen was the cynosure of all eyes
The towering spires, soaring vaults and sturdy columns of this Gothic church make it the cynosure of a visitor's eye.
The items sold were the cynosure of art collectors from all over the world.
Naturally, the film personalities queuing up with their tickets before boarding the wide-bodied jet liner were the cynosure of all eyes.
The elegant sculptures in bronze, white metal and ceramics were the cynosure of connoisseurs.
How proudly she had strutted around that day, the cynosure of all eyes.
The postman, aware that he was the cynosure of all eyes, would strut to the centre of the village and call out names of those whose letters he had brought.
They are the cynosure of all eyes with their remarkable somersaults cutting across each other's paths in perfect unison.
The lead guitarist, in particular, was the cynosure of all eyes.
When the Millbank building was opened in 1897, contemporary British art was the cynosure of the world.
This 19-year-old South African athlete, who took to swimming at the age of six, out of love, was the cynosure of the capacity crowd at the swimming pool.