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cymbal / кимвал
имя существительное
имя существительное
a musical instrument consisting of a slightly concave round brass plate that is either struck against another one or struck with a stick to make a ringing or clashing sound.
The angels are depicted as playing a collection of musical instruments, including the harp, tambourine, cymbals , lyre and psaltery.
I was completely and utterly entertained from the first kick of the bass drum to the last crash of the cymbal .
They had a drum kit consisting of a lone cymbal , kick drum and snare.
You could practically hear the ridges of the cymbal as the stick was slowly scraped along it to produce a shimmer of sound.
As soon as Lucas tapped the crash cymbal on the drum kit to end the song, Sonya let go of the microphone and ran out of the room.
I think that with a little practice, I can be every bit the cymbalist she was, maybe even better.
The music is is characteristically punctuated with sounds of cymbals , drums and long trumpets.
This track showcased Perth's finesse on the hi-hat and cymbals .
We had a very satisfying jam, with bass guitar, theremin and a drum kit minus sticks and cymbals .
The chants are conducted with drum beats and interspersed with resonating long horns and the clash of cymbals .
The teacher gave each kid a rhythm instrument to play - drums, cymbals , sticks, and so on.