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cygnet / молодой лебедь
имя существительное
молодой лебедь
имя существительное
a young swan.
After hatching, parents led the cygnets to feeding grounds on lawns surrounding the lake or shallow water close to the shore.
A crack appeared, growing slowly until a pink beak and then a wet, silvery-grey head emerged - a trumpeter swan cygnet .
Congratulations and well done to the two English anglers who were fishing on Gills Pond recently and rescued a young cygnet that was in trouble.
Goslings graze with their parents out of the water whereas swans teach cygnets in the water to be aquatic feeders.
The added danger from predators in the river has led to the cygnets being killed by foxes each year.
The two swans have brought seven cygnets into the world.
The mother had lived on the river for eight years and had hatched three cygnets this spring.
The two swans and their family of three cygnets on Lough Talt this summer proved a big attraction with tourists pulling up along the shore to admire these graceful birds.
On Friday the fully recovered male swan was reunited with his brood of five cygnets on the River Kennet.
We have a breeding pair of swans on North Bradley lake and for the last two years all of their cygnets have been taken by foxes.
They saw an injured female swan and wondered why the male was not protecting its cygnets .