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cycling / езда на велосипеде
имя существительное
езда на велосипеде
cycling, bicycling, wheeling
имя существительное
the sport or activity of riding a bicycle. Bicycle racing has three main forms: road racing (typically over long distances), track racing (on an oval track), and cyclocross (over rough, open country).
It is inspiring to see him giving so much to the sport of cycling in her memory.
ride a bicycle.
she cycled to work every day
move in or follow a regularly repeated sequence of events.
economies cycle regularly between boom and slump
Nearly everything about cycling is more interesting than casual observers assume.
The Australian team is admired very much in the world of cycling for its great team spirit.
She is into gymnasium work and cycling , which she enjoys on winter evenings, as well as diving and water sports.
Without serious reform, cycling will have no future and the sport's golden moments will live only in glossy books.
There will then be a packed day of activities including soccer, cricket, an orienteering course, cycling and athletics.
Road cycling is very tactical; you have to use your head just as much as you have to use your legs.
The novel has the power to introduce the passion and complexity of the sport of cycling to a broader audience.
He hopes to devote more time to hobbies including golf and cycling .
It is inspiring to see him giving so much to the sport of cycling in her memory.
He was fond of outdoor activities and enjoyed swimming, hill-walking and cycling .