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cyan / cyan
имя существительное
a greenish-blue color, which is one of the primary subtractive colors, complementary to red.
That of a primary colour will be a mixture of the two other primaries: the additive complement of red is cyan , the subtractive complement is green.
We admired the view and watched the sun set over Dublin with dramatic streaks of pinks, cyan , purple and red.
During each pass, one of the four colors - cyan , magenta, yellow and black - was placed on the paper.
The report said something about cyan , blue in colour, remember?
It prints in cyan , magenta, yellow, and clear or white.
Yellow, magenta, and cyan are not the primary pigment colors, as one book had it.
Solid streaks of cerulean blue or vibrant cyan give the small details she depicts a life that can only be attained through extensive, lucid observation.
Mixing two of them produces cyan , magenta and yellow, also called the subtractive colors.
Similarly, a short soak in water containing a little acid shifts the colour towards cyan , each acid producing a slightly different hue.
Jones scans his photographs to separate them into process colors - cyan , magenta and yellow.
I had said all of the colors from white or black to fuchsia and cyan , but for some reason I could never say purple.