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cutting-edge / передовой
имя существительное
the edge of a tool's blade.
Tools with cutting edges , bludgeons, crowbars, hammers, saws and drills will continue to be prohibited, along with any tool that is more than seven inches long.
the latest or most advanced stage in the development of something.
researchers at the cutting edge of molecular biology
a dynamic or invigorating quality.
the campaign began to lose its cutting edge
имя прилагательное
at the latest or most advanced stage of development; innovative or pioneering.
cutting-edge technology
The ICA has for long had a reputation for cutting-edge arts, but has recently struggled to maintain its leadership.
She knows a cutting-edge marketing solution when she sees it.
As a result, the company is beginning to build up a fascinating and eclectic collection of cutting-edge international art.
cutting-edge technology
A portion of book copiers are replacing their slow pens with these high-speed cutting-edge tools.
The crowd loved it though it was hardly cutting-edge stuff.
Tharp is known not only for her cutting-edge dances, but also for her pioneering sense of style.
If you are a scientist, you may have pioneered cutting-edge technology.
Head north, and a 40-minute drive takes you to Antwerp, now a chic centre for cutting-edge couture.
The status has enabled the school to forge ahead with innovation and cutting-edge educational developments.