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cutters / резак, резец, катер
имя существительное
cutter, coulter, hatchet, colter, bushwhacker
cutter, tool, chisel, incisor, cutting tool, knife
cutter, launch
имя существительное
a person or thing that cuts something, in particular.
Her face was furrowed with impatience, and she looked, then, almost my own age, middle twenties, instead of like a full-time high-school cutter of classes.
a light, fast coastal patrol boat.
He said he was visiting the oil terminals, coastguard cutters , patrol boats, and larger vessels for morale and ceremonial purposes.
a fastball that breaks somewhat on being pitched.
He has average velocity and four pitches - fastball, cut fastball , curveball and straight change - and has to throw all for quality strikes.
a light horse-drawn sleigh.