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cutter / резак, резец, катер
имя существительное
cutter, coulter, hatchet, colter, bushwhacker
cutter, tool, chisel, incisor, cutting tool, knife
cutter, launch
имя существительное
a person or thing that cuts something, in particular.
Her face was furrowed with impatience, and she looked, then, almost my own age, middle twenties, instead of like a full-time high-school cutter of classes.
a light, fast coastal patrol boat.
He said he was visiting the oil terminals, coastguard cutters , patrol boats, and larger vessels for morale and ceremonial purposes.
a fastball that breaks somewhat on being pitched.
He has average velocity and four pitches - fastball, cut fastball , curveball and straight change - and has to throw all for quality strikes.
a light horse-drawn sleigh.
She's from Port Fairy, Australia, born along with the town in 1810 when the captain of the cutter Fairy took shelter in a verdant inlet made by a river and fell in love with the place.
She was terrified to realize we had seen her arms. She was more frightened by the fact that her secret was out than by the fact that she was a cutter in the first place.
The patrol cutter fired on them and disabled them, then left them for dead.
I'd never met another cutter before, and I liked that it was so easy to talk to him because he understood what I was going through.
a coastguard cutter
A head gas cutter tells of the time he made a mistake on the job and cut the metal rafter he was sitting on.
Let me start by saying that I have a lot respect for Stuart Baird as a cutter and, based on his first film, not his second, as a director.
Tipped off recently that underground transactions across the Taiwan Strait are rampant, the coast guard sent a cutter to step up patrols over the past days.
The stereotypical cutter is a girl in her young teens suffering from discord at home and doing poorly at school.
a glass cutter