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cutler / ножовщик, торговец ножевыми изделиями
имя существительное
торговец ножевыми изделиями
имя существительное
a person who makes or sells cutlery.
In New York, Lucas & Shepard, white smiths and cutlers from Birmingham and Sheffield, made ‘steel pads with sets of bits.’
The name of the last cutler has been previously identified on blades from the Fort St. Joseph Museum.
He was followed by saddler Daniel Lenehan and then cutler John Marsh.
About 30 were made to the Major's personal design by a cutler in Shortland Street.
The Cutlers' Company was granted a charter under the master cutler in 1624.
Considering the political instability of the seventeenth century in Britain, the illustrations show that British craftsmen were producing remarkable examples of the cutler 's art.
The opposite end of the knife world is the renowned custom cutler who labors over incredibly beautiful blades of his own design.
The retired cutler became one of Britain's oldest qualified coaches after coming through the McDonald's FA coaching programme.
She trudged past the cutler 's and after another few yards was all but blown against the door of the Scurlocks' home.
At that time his occupation may have focused more on a craft - perhaps that of cutler - than on commerce.
Taverns and shops stood shoulder-to-shoulder with carpet stalls, cutlers , and street-side grills that gave off delicious smells, but that, too, faded as Brandark turned down a wide avenue.