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cutlass / абордажная сабля, заостренная мотыга
имя существительное
абордажная сабля
заостренная мотыга
имя существительное
a short sword with a slightly curved blade, formerly used by sailors.
Sailors' cutlasses , when carried on parade, always are hooked up to a belt.
During his acceptance speech, a skinny looking guy dressed as a pirate will run on to the stage wielding a cutlass and a musket - none shall survive.
I only managed to escape by battling my way out of prison with a whittled down toothbrush for a cutlass and grenades fashioned from moist prison socks.
Around his wide waist was a braided leather belt which held the usual pirate's weapons of a cutlass and pistol as well as an ax and two smaller daggers.
I could start carrying a cutlass or rapier around for good measure, and cultivate a fine waxed moustache and goatee while wearing a bandanna on my head.
Our blades met, and he slid his thick cutlass along the length of my sword so that they were hilt-to-hilt.
As he stood there defenseless, the sailor was about to plunge his cutlass into him for the last time.
We can arm ourselves with guns and shove a cutlass under our car seat.
Again, that's great stuff for kids - it's pirates, it's pistols, it's cutlasses , it's galleons and sloops and swords.
The whole crew appeared consecutively on deck, loading old muskets and pistols, brandishing cutlasses ; a few were already busy heaving the cumbersome cannons from their storage unit.
At sea, cutlasses became common issue in the 18th century for most navies and officers were equipped with swords and dirks in much the same way as their military counterparts.