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cuticle / кутикула, кожица, надкожица
имя существительное
skin, peel, cuticle, epidermis, pellicle
cuticle, scarfskin
имя существительное
the outer layer of living tissue, in particular.
the dead skin at the base of a fingernail or toenail.
Creams soften the nails and feet, toenails are trimmed and an oscillating machine tidies up the cuticles and removes dead or hard skin.
The skin or epidermis that surround the stomata secretes a waxy cuticle that inhibits the evaporation of water from the epidermal area of the leaf.
But don't do this everyday because it could damage the hair cuticle .
It moisturizes the hair and plumps up the cuticle layer.
In addition, the cuticle of the fingernails often gets very ragged, overgrown, and irregular.
When the claw flexor relaxes and/or when the tarsus is pushed away from the body, the arolium is folded back and detaches from the surface by elastic recoil of the cuticle .
The outermost cell layer is the epidermis with a cuticle that covers the entire seed coat.
An insect's body covering, the cuticle, contains fat layers making the cuticle nearly waterproof and preventing water loss.
SEM micrographs also showed the upper zone of the hair where the cuticle was detached, forming a subcuticular chamber for the secreted material.
When the cuticle is healthy, its scales lie flat, giving hair that smooth, shiny look.
He was attended by physician Ana Maria Lazaric at the hospital, whose examination found nothing abnormal except for a puncture mark in the left ring finger, between the nail and the flesh of the cuticle .