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cutesy / жеманный
имя прилагательное
cute to a sentimental or mawkish extent.
hair pulled back in cutesy little bows
The cutesy , mincing vocals are dotted with ill-advised wailing and occasional outright mimicry of dudes like Beck.
No, I don't think a cutesy cartoon name would suit this car.
And speaking of cutesy , it feels impossible to resist calling it the I'm Okay, I'm Okay of modern times.
Worse, Filler constantly breaks into cutesy song snippets, a habit that grows less endearing every time it happens.
It was unsigned, without even the usual cutesy pseudonym.
THQ, normally famed for cutesy Disney titles such as Finding Nemo, has entered into the dark world of adult gaming with this gritty adaptation.
Everything is smart and sarcastic and divisive and nasty and cutesy .
Again, this helps to make the relationship between Ken and Sora less cutesy and more sweet.
Paint over any cutesy motifs, such as kittens or silly flowers, on furniture - paint is super cheap!
Every August we must come up with cutesy , funny, witty, ingenious and/or lively headlines with the word World in them.