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cutback / сокращение, снижение, уменьшение
имя существительное
abbreviation, reduction, contraction, shortening, shrinking, cutback
decline, cut, drop, fall, depression, cutback
decrease, reduction, decline, diminution, mitigation, cutback
имя существительное
an act or instance of reducing something, typically expenditures.
cutbacks in defense spending
It included 105 job losses and a cutback in shift work, with some of the large staff numbers recruited in the past year expected to be let go first.
It went through a major cutback in March 2000, and was shut down in October.
France's first rearmament plan was adopted in 1934, only to be followed by a cutback in expenditure in the next year.
With inflation running at around 4 per cent, ministers will regard this as a cutback in all but name.
Consumers could start to save more of their income in an effort to make up for stock losses, causing a cutback in spending.
The decision to sell off the properties was taken after a significant cutback in Teagasc finances by the Government.
After decades of defence cutbacks these resources have been severely curtailed.
Because direct taxes will not rise, any shortfall will be clawed back through cutbacks .
The firm has now increased the scale of the cutbacks , with the 3,000 new job losses to be in place by 2006.
Asking residents for their views on where cutbacks and savings could be made is only part of the process, he stresses.