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cutaway / в разрезе, срезанный
имя прилагательное
в разрезе
cut, cutaway, shorn
имя существительное
cutaway, morning coat, morning dress
имя существительное
a coat or jacket with the front cut away below the waist so as to curve back to the tails.
Gavin Lawrence as the Interlocutor in The Last Minstrel Show is sleek, sly, and not at all reassuring in his oversized cutaway coat, pin-striped pants, white spats, and Cheshire grin.
a diagram or drawing with some external parts left out to reveal the interior.
As a ten-year-old, he remembers seeing a book with cutaway diagrams of the earth, and wondering, ‘how do they know that?’
a shot in a movie that is of a different subject from those to which it is joined in editing.
The cast performs the majority of their own stunts, resulting in some long and impressive fight scenes with few cutaways .
The Sea Venture saltwater fly reels have a cutaway cage and spool machined from premium quality aluminium bar stock.
In a cutaway shot more noodles are being prepared.
Below, a cutaway drawing shows the motor mechanism.
A model of Le Surcouf, built in 1954, offers a cutaway view of a submarine active in World War fi that identifies the various operating systems, weaponry, and interior compartments.
Figure 6 shows examples of both a complete concretion and a polished cutaway section that shows the radial structure and dark center.
With the exception of the beginning sequence and a cutaway shot to the highways flowing smoothly at night, virtually every scene has one of the two men in it.
CBS was the last network to allow cutaway pictures to cover edits in interviews.
However, although she does not articulate her feelings, Leigh uses cutaway shots of her to comment on others’ attitudes.
In a cutaway view of a cartridge case, we can see that the bottom of the primer pocket is quite thin compared to the rest of the base.
Superimposed over his view was a red-lined cutaway shot of the hotel, showing the elevator he was in and a stationary blinking dot that was his prey, namely that traitor Dodger.