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cut-price / уцененный
имя прилагательное
cut-price, marked-down
имя прилагательное
for sale at a reduced or unusually low price.
cut-rate tickets
The cut-price tickets will be going on sale from March 7 for travel from March 14 and will be sent to householders by post.
Public transport including ferryboats, also offered cut-price tickets to make it cheap for locals to travel around the city.
Time is running out for York City Knights RL fans to get their hands on cut-price season tickets for the new season.
Rail travellers have snapped up more than 115,000 cut-price tickets as part of GNER's plans to win back passengers.
At worst, these cut-price sales might be dealt with under the ‘remainders and disposal of surplus stock’ clause of the author's contract.
Housing associations fear however, that if their asset base is that vulnerable to forced cut-price sales, financiers will be less than willing to help with further loans.
Ministers are considering forcing supermarkets to stop the cut-price offers, which are regularly snapped up by bargain-hunting shoppers across the country.
The company reported a fall in profits yesterday after seeing its cut-price sales strategy come under pressure from supermarket rivals.
Christmas is just around the corner and the cut-price tickets would also make an excellent Christmas present.
A cider firm and a cut-price supermarket are among those competing to hire his services, proof that Monkey has risen above the brand and acquired his own identity.