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cut / порез, разрез, снижение
имя существительное
cut, maim
section, cutting, cut, incision, slit, mine
decline, cut, drop, fall, depression, descent
cut, slaughter, kill, carve, shear, snip
cut off, cut, cut away, amputate, clip, excise
cut, slit, cut up, nick, bisect, cleave
имя прилагательное
cut, dissected, bisected, bias, cut-up
sliced, cut
имя существительное
an act of cutting, in particular.
a result of cutting something, in particular.
the way or style in which something, especially a garment or someone's hair, is cut.
the elegant cut of his dinner jacket
make an opening, incision, or wound in (something) with a sharp-edged tool or object.
he cut his big toe on a sharp stone
remove (something) from something larger by using a sharp implement.
I cut his photograph out of the paper
divide into pieces with a knife or other sharp implement.
cut the beef into thin slices
make or form (something) by using a sharp tool to remove material.
workmen cut a hole in the pipe
trim or reduce the length of (something, especially grass or a person's hair or fingernails) by using a sharp implement.
cutting the lawn
She cut her hair really short, I mean shorter than most of the guys.
Leaves of various shapes and sizes were cut from green construction paper.
they've cut back on costs
Sometimes a cave will cut through a headland to become a tunnel, opening out to become an arch, and when the arch eventually collapses a stack is left.
cut the beef into thin slices
fortunately the cut happened at night and power was quickly restored
With a large, heavy knife cut the kernels off close to the cob, in a strip down one side.
The middle section has some very large tunnels that cut through the reef crest.
In a nutshell, you have to look at the fabric, the cut and finally, examine some of the finishing details.
the final cut