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customize / настроить
adjust, configure, personalize
modify (something) to suit a particular individual or task.
the suit can be customized for every skydiving need
Most experienced herbalists take a base formula and customize it for the individual.
Right clicking brings up an easy to navigate menu that lets you customize your weapons on the fly.
Financial advisers worth their salt will customize a plan to suit the individual customer.
These menus allow players to customize gameplay without having to know any programming.
The front grill and the interiors were customised to suit the customer.
Can certain parts of the course be customised to suit your exact needs if necessary?
Over time, I see students working more on modifying standard components in the Revit libraries and customizing them for their individual projects.
Several IT companies in India spend their time customizing software to suit the requirements of their clients.
More new features will be added later this year, which will allow individuals to customise the site, according to their needs.
‘We also customise certain designs to suit their needs,’ he added.