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customary / привычный, обычный, основанный на опыте
имя прилагательное
habitual, familiar, accustomed, customary, regular, wonted
common, conventional, regular, normal, ordinary, customary
основанный на опыте
experiential, empirical, empiric, experimental, customary, a posteriori
имя прилагательное
according to the customs or usual practices associated with a particular society, place, or set of circumstances.
it is customary to mark an occasion like this with a toast
It is customary for local associations to make decisions on such matters as membership sales and nomination deadlines, the former MLA said.
It is customary to think of this as a kind of madness.
The reality is that there is a huge bevy of precedent and law based on customary rights.
In Europe many people drink a cup of this herbal tea as their customary nightcap to relax them before going to bed.
Having left families behind in their native land, it was customary for the Chettiars to make periodic visits home to preserve family ties, and to build palatial homes.
Court cases are heard in magistrates' courts, based on Roman-Dutch law, and in chiefs' courts, based on customary law.
Things that would otherwise be impossible to say are precisely suggested by just the degree of deviation from the expected or the customary .
In Foreign Policy, as elsewhere, it is customary to rank one's assets according to cost-effectiveness.
For that reason, it is customary for governors and senators to run for president only after they have won re-election.
Tapia charged forward in his customary fashion but was constantly forced to eat up Barrera's textbook jabs.