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custom-made / изготовленный на заказ, сделанный на заказ
имя прилагательное
изготовленный на заказ
custom, custom-made, custom-built, custom-tailored
сделанный на заказ
bespoke, tailored, custom, bespoken, made-to-order, custom-made
имя прилагательное
made to a particular customer's order.
If anyone in the New York area fancies a custom-made suit made by one of the best tailors in the world, call him up on his mobile and make an appointment while he's there.
Not only that, we prefer it all to be handcrafted and custom-made .
He had some lovely guitars, which I think were custom-made .
The phone networks now believe that custom-made TV and film clips will be the next mobile-phone money-spinner.
A senior source says that many in his group also shopped at the markets, where they bought custom-made suits and cheap golf clubs.
I've always loved custom-made , original musical instruments like this.
Hardwood is so much more resilient than the cheaper stuff that Primeau Decor chooses it for its own custom-made furniture.
Kathleen Walsh had her son specially fitted for the custom-made pushchair through the South Eastern Health Board.
The second one is custom-made in Venice by Carruthers Guitars.
The war ended, the airmen left, and Telegraph Cove became a sawmill town again, providing custom-made lumber for boats and docks.
The next development was custom-made bottles and it is here that one gets a trifle suspicious of the producer's intentions.