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custom-built / изготовленный на заказ, построенный по специальному заказу
имя прилагательное
изготовленный на заказ
custom, custom-made, custom-built, custom-tailored
построенный по специальному заказу
Jamie, his wife Jools and their two girls have moved down the road to a new £3m home in Primrose Hill with six bedrooms and a custom-built two-ton Rorgue oven.
We want to give a wider audience easier access to more of the sort of ideas spiked has been producing since it became the first custom-built online current affairs publication in the UK.
The second firm to move to the site is the Metal Improvement Company Inc, which has moved into a 20,000 square feet custom-built unit.
The only thing in musical tow is his custom-built piano.
Its studios will be in custom-built premises at Newhall, Naas.
The festival will also have food demonstrations and he explained that a custom-built kitchen would be on spot for patrons to try their hand at cooking.
The classes, which will consist of up to 12 people at a time, will take the form of workshops and will be custom-built to the requirements of individual clients.
Goliath makes 100 to 150 promotional appearances and travels 40,000 miles in his custom-built horse trailer every year.
By the time the show kicked off, almost two hours behind schedule, spirits inside Dior's custom-built tent were almost as damp as the weather outside.
Its headquarters, which was the first custom-built mountain rescue post in the country, was opened 25 years ago by the Prince of Wales.