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custody / хранение, опека, попечение
имя существительное
storage, custody, keeping, safekeeping, charge
guardianship, custody, tutelage, trusteeship, ward, trust
care, charge, custody, cure
имя существительное
the protective care or guardianship of someone or something.
the property was placed in the custody of a trustee
According to the International Red Cross, a number of people apparently in U.S. custody are unaccounted for.
Christopher is seeking legal and physical custody of the kids.
It is almost standard practice in divorce courts for custody of children to be given to the mother.
my father was being taken into custody
He was taken to Westlea police station where he still remains in police custody awaiting further questioning.
The three were taken into custody in connection with alleged plans to attack the US embassy in Paris.
I am however prepared to grant the wife sole interim interim custody at this time.
For a long period, Chiprovtsi was the seat of the Bulgarian Catholic custody .
The court then has a difficult task in determining which parent should have custody of Michael.
They threw it out, because the plaintiff did not have legal custody of his daughter.