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custodian / хранитель, опекун, сторож
имя существительное
keeper, custodian, curator, treasurer, conservator, watchdog
guardian, custodian, trustee, tutor, conservator, curator
guard, watch, keeper, caretaker, janitor, custodian
имя существительное
a person who has responsibility for or looks after something.
the custodians of pension and insurance funds
He would never do that; he was not a custodian or a janitor.
When the society put the gardens and the Yorkshire Museum into trust in the early 1960s the custodian responsibility for them was put in the hands of the local authority.
He was a carpenter, millwright, agent, and building custodian .
My son-in-law tells me that Hillis was the custodian at Georgia Brown School when he got his first teaching job in Paso.
the custodian of the Great Seal in Canada is always the Secretary of State
‘In retirement, you still have responsibility as the custodian of patient records,’ says McGee.
I was the first of eighteen cousins to earn more than one master's degree, and yet the only job I could find in my town was as an elementary school custodian .
The system enhances the patient-provider relationship by designating a patient's principal care provider as the custodian and administrator of the patient's record in the system.
He may own the majority shareholding but he is only the present custodian .
To do so, the taxpayer must instruct the IRA custodian to recharacterize the contribution.