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curvilinear / криволинейный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
contained by or consisting of a curved line or lines.
these designs employ flowing, curvilinear forms
From above showing the curvilinear sympathies with the railway lines.
For Reginfo, the top horizontal line with the curvilinear arrow bears the same connotation as one of the implications of the quartered circle.
The two curvilinear models were exponential growth or decay curves and piecewise linear regression models.
Straight lines gave way to the asymmetrical and curvilinear .
In the past few years the skirts have become skorts (skirt to the front and shorts to the back) and the shirt has transformed into a fitted jersey that complements the more curvilinear shape of the female body.
Gummer has invented a novel means of integrating sharp-angled rectilinear with undulating curvilinear complexes by having them pass through each other.
Its streamlined modernist line in sheer cliff faces and sleek curvilinear walls was celebrated by leading architects of the day and was a perfect ingredient in Art Deco style.
Lichenometric dating curves are curvilinear , and so the older the age estimate the less accurate it is likely to be.
Its fluid curvilinear , concave and convex forms let it appear sculptured rather than built, resembling in its shape a wind swept submarine with the sprawled arms of a sphinx.
Here, too were the louvres, the broad-based wooden benches, the curvilinear balusters supporting rails around polished wooden platforms.