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curved / изогнутый, искривленный
имя прилагательное
curved, bent, arched, crooked, cranked, cambered
curved, distorted, crooked, gnarled, gnarly, bowed
имя прилагательное
having the form of a curve; bent.
birds with long curved bills
form or cause to form a curve.
her mouth curved in a smile
Slim, tubular horizontal steel members are fixed at 1 m intervals to curved ribs.
Access to the observation area is via a curved staircase only.
Elbow macaroni is an American term for short, curved macaroni.
The entrance is an ellipse made of steel cladding with curved glass panels at intervals.
The reflector is a standard fitting on the front pillar of the bike, hence the curved mount.
The steering wheel chosen for the model is the flat curved spoke variety.
A walk through the room with its low, curved stone ceiling leads to a passageway.
On his return he painstakingly reproduced the Wyoming plains on the curved walls of the diorama.
The most intimidating part of the auditorium was its drop ceiling, a basket weave of 8,000 dissimilar, curved shapes.
Its interior offers a complex expanse of soaring, curved steel beams.