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curve / кривая, изгиб, характеристика
имя существительное
curve, graph
bend, curve, curvature, bent, flexure, twist
characteristic, feature, characterization, performance, specification, curve
bend, curve, twist, wriggle, sweep, wriggle oneself
bend, curve, twist, sweep, crook
bend, flex, fold, bow, buckle, curve
имя существительное
a line or outline that gradually deviates from being straight for some or all of its length.
the parapet wall sweeps down in a bold curve
form or cause to form a curve.
her mouth curved in a smile
She was dripping with water, the tunic outlining the high curve of her young chest, her hair falling heavily in her back, a large pool of water growing around her.
‘He won't be able to,’ I said, watching as a sharp curve in the road grew closer and closer.
The curve forms from a graph plotting return and risk indicated by volatility, which is represented by standard deviation.
the parapet wall sweeps down in a bold curve
Some teachers grade on a curve , creating a ranking system and failing the bottommost students.
From the fact that Newton uses the letter v for the ordinate, it may be inferred that Newton is thinking of the curve as being a graph of velocity against time.
Most of us lie between two extreme ends of a bell-shaped curve of sleep length and efficiency.
You don't go very far without a little hill or a curve in the road.
This measures the difference between the areas under the curve of a graph of actual distribution of cumulative income and one indicating equality of income distribution.
starting with arms outstretched, curve the body sideways