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curvature / кривизна, искривление, изгиб
имя существительное
curvature, curve, camber, crookedness, tortuosity, flexure
curvature, distortion, contortion, deformation, twist, flexure
bend, curve, curvature, bent, flexure, twist
имя существительное
the fact of being curved or the degree to which something is curved.
spinal curvature
He attacked a completely new topic to the one he had studied for his doctoral thesis studying the theory of harmonic functions in spaces of constant curvature .
the curvature of the earth
Among other results, he classified simply connected Riemannian 3-manifolds of constant curvature in this thesis.
The curvature of the central line is a one-dimension variable characterizing each infinitesimal cross-section.
In these cases, hydrolysis is shown to take place at the hole edges where the surface curvature is high, providing an exposed site for hydrolysis.
It discusses Milnor's theorem, which shows that the total curvature of a knot is at least 4p.
The mobility decrements may be thought of as shape factors characterizing the apparent curvature of a target fragment, as determined by gel electrophoresis.
A formula for the line integral of the geodesic curvature along a closed curve is known as the Gauss Bonnet theorem.
Gaussian curvature is positive for surfaces like a hemisphere, which are either concave or convex in all the directions.
A deeper characterization of a helix is that it is the unique curve in 3-space for which the ratio of curvature to torsion is a constant, a result known as Lancret's Theorem.