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curvaceous / с красивыми округлыми формами
имя прилагательное
с красивыми округлыми формами
имя прилагательное
(especially of a woman or a woman's figure) having an attractively curved shape.
Mexico exports Damiana Liquor, which is quite scrumptious and packaged in a bottle shaped like a curvaceous Goddess.
A few minutes later, I saw a striking, curvaceous woman with short, spiky hair being shown to her table.
She gritted her teeth fighting away those warm emotions, the relentlessly amorous thoughts of her curvaceous goddess.
Tobias's eyes followed the curvaceous waitress with black hair and dark skin before returning to Mia, who was looking at the menu.
He was tall, blond, handsome and muscular and his wife was curvaceous and very sexy.
If you go to Latin or South America girls are curvaceous and vivacious rather than boney and manic listening to Radiohaead.
Although Dana had darker features, Kayla had her face, smile and petite, but curvaceous figure.
Zoe's a virtual dead ringer for the late adult video starlet Savannah, with the same curvaceous figure and bleach blonde hair.
A bridge has to link two things together often with a curvaceous and very attractive shape.
I turn back to Nicky, whose eyes have not left Lena's raven curls and curvaceous figure.
Grinding his teeth, Mike leaves the room, almost bumping into the curvaceous woman standing just outside the door.