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curtsy / реверанс, приседание
имя существительное
curtsy, curtsey, reverence, obeisance
squatting, curtsy, curtsey, bob
squat, cower, curtsey, curtsy
делать реверанс
curtsy, curtsey
имя существительное
a woman's or girl's formal greeting made by bending the knees with one foot in front of the other.
she bobbed a curtsy to him
perform a curtsy.
she curtsied onto the stage
‘I apologize, my lord,’ the girl said with a curtsy .
Leave us, Monique,’ she waved her hand at the maid, who bobbed a curtsy and hurried out.
Each of the girls dipped a small curtsy when their name was called.
Turning around, she gave a formal curtsy to the Lord of Ghent.
A little maid rushed to the door and bobbed a curtsy .
Triliny grinned and walked up to Kathryn, giving a slight curtsy and smiling at the girl's expression of disgust.
Shalott stepped from the chariot and gave a formal curtsy .
she bobbed a curtsy to him
A young seventeen year old boy bowed next to him, while a thirteen year old girl did a curtsy .
Each girl gave a little curtsy and Joss wanted to laugh.