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curt / резкий, краткий, односложный
имя прилагательное
cutting, sharp, abrupt, harsh, severe, curt
brief, summary, short, concise, succinct, curt
monosyllabic, curt
имя прилагательное
rudely brief.
his reply was curt
She continued her promenade down the hallway, greeting those that she knew with a smile and a curt nod.
People will instead use acronyms to convey short, curt , and informative message to one another.
I'd noticed that in a few short hours that his curt and snappish side was back.
He saluted members of the staff with curt nods of his head but didn't stop.
She walked stiffly towards the group that was waiting for them and gave Dr. Wordsworth a curt nod.
I give a curt nod to Daddy, whirl around in place, and walk briskly to the pod.
About ten minutes ago, I was rather curt (almost rude, in fact) to an acquaintance who rang me.
Sitting down at an almost empty table, the two new arrivals exchange curt nods with those closest to them.
With a curt nod, Rowan and his tribe vanished into the trees, hooves muffled by the underbrush.
Jasmine's only response to this was a curt nod as a young woman walked towards them from the back of the house.