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cursive / скоропись, рукописный шрифт
имя существительное
рукописный шрифт
script, cursive
имя прилагательное
manuscript, cursive, chirographic
имя прилагательное
written with the characters joined.
cursive script
имя существительное
cursive writing.
The handwriting was perfect cursive , every letter formed with care.
You've probably noticed that the word ‘attack’ is spelled in a festive, alternative fashion, and the phrase ‘Apple Head’ is in cursive .
I really never figured out why we had to learn it, the only people I see who use cursive , I can't read their handwriting anyway.
It had ‘Meredith’ in cursive on the front of it, and it wasn't sealed.
In perfect, flawless, sharp cursive , it read, ‘what are you talking about?’
Striding up to the front of the room he scrawled a message in neat cursive across the white board, ‘Stayed for 30, had to go.’
‘So I've heard,’ came the reply, dryly, as the brunette began to carefully copy his name in childish cursive .
Unlike the more cursive style of contemporary scribes, this hand is akin to a conventional liturgical script.
He slides his thumb under the sealed envelope, pulls out the notebook piece of paper, and begins to read the loopy, girly cursive .
Then I fell to my knees and wrote I love Zach neatly in my slanted cursive script across the pavement.
It was a small white envelope, his address written with golden cursive penmanship.