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curry / карри, блюдо, приправленное карри
имя существительное
блюдо, приправленное карри
выделывать кожу
приправлять карри
приготовлять блюда с карри
имя существительное
a dish of meat, vegetables, etc., cooked in an Indian-style sauce of strong spices and turmeric and typically served with rice.
The foods served in the Balti pan are freshly cooked aromatically spiced curries .
prepare or flavor with a sauce of hot-tasting spices.
curried chicken
groom (a horse) with a rubber or plastic curry comb.
Heaven help the poor kid who had to go in there, muck the floor, and curry the horse.
treat (tanned leather) to improve its properties.
The hide was first stretched on a variety of different frames, depending on the type of leather to be curried .
The royal dish is prepared by cooking a mixture of rich meat or vegetable curry with partially cooked rice.
we went out for a curry
Now he had to curry all the horses, and to clean out their shoes.
He orders the Kukhurako maasu, which is a chicken curry cooked with vegetables.
Nutritionally spiced up with vegetable curry , I see this as a decent compromise when convenience is key.
he swore he would curry his hide
Malays eat rice with fish or meat curry and vegetables cooked in various ways.
We go to eat at a vegetarian curry house in the Indian neighbourhood; on the street people hang out in front of the Bollywood cinema.
a beef curry
Go to someone's home when they've offered to cook a curry and there's something slightly wrong about it all.