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currently / в настоящее время, теперь, свободно
в настоящее время
currently, now, today, presently, at the present time, at the moment
now, nowadays, presently, at present, currently
free, freely, loose, loosely, easily, currently
at the present time.
the price is currently at a premium
It will take in work currently being done by the departments of social care and education.
The road to the Planks is currently shut, and people cannot walk or park their cars there.
He is currently trying to design and build a vehicle to land on the surface of the planet Mercury.
The service is currently aimed at men, but is set to expand into the ladies' market soon.
the EC is currently attempting greater economic integration
The biggest swarm of locusts in a decade is currently devouring crops in West Africa.
He said this could be achieved by allowing crews to do overtime which is currently banned.
If that is the case then it will have to be a slightly bigger course than the one currently envisaged.
The land is currently used for turf cutting and for the commercial storage of caravans.
Inflation is currently at its lowest in living memory and has been for years now.